Publication Prospect

Proceeding Publication

All abstracts accepted for presentation in this conference will be Double Peer Blind Reviewed and will be published in the conference abstracts proceeding in softcopy. They are distributed in Electronic volumes (USB / Pen drive) at the day of conference, will also be uploaded online on our website. They are the written record of the work that is presented to fellow researchers.

There are two types of publication associated with our conference

  1. All selected conference papers will be published free of cost in our associated journals that are having unique ISSN and Published on quarterly basis.
  2.  Scopus/ISI Indexed journals which are paid publications.

Publication in Scopus/ISI indexed journals depends upon the quality of paper, reviewers feedback comments. 
If your paper meets all criteria then it might be published in Scopus/ISI indexed journals. As many of paper of our participants have already been published in Scopus/ISI indexed journals.
It will take 3-4 months for paper publication.